ROSE COMMUNICATIONS, SL is a SME company created early 1999 to develop telecommunication engineering projects in the area of electronic commerce, data transmission, broadcasting and multimedia technologies. In 2003 it was transformed in the today´s known ROSE VISION empowering its research and technology abilities.
In 2010, ROSE reached a research level of 12 researchers and more than 10 contractors supporting the high tech and business activities of the company. Its annual incomes exceeded repetitively the figure of 1.1 M €, with a balance mix of research and consultancy work sources. During this period, ROSE was a referenced SME of deep involvement on definition of research roadmaps, technology selection, strategic debates towards scientific and technology trends, having created networks of business collaborators in the European and Latin American markets.
In addition to business and science, ROSE came highly reputed in the standardization and regulatory domains, playing significant role in major developments at ETSI, CENELEC, ITU-R, CEPT.